my origns story…

Hello I'm John. I'm a dad, aircraft engineer, and husband to most awesome woman in the world and a general maker. I like to make things in my spare time. Not in any one discipline more of "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one". From a young age I can remember helping my dad and grandad with Diy around the house. electrics, plumping, general building, car repairs, etc. I recent years due to life, work, kids I haven't had time to make on a regular basis. So I decided to spend a few hours a week making things, this is my little getaway from the day to day life strains. I'm in the process of turning my garage from a storage area in to a small workshop. And I'm slowly building up the workshop, this may take some time before I can say it done. If you can ever say your workshop is done, more of a constant work in progress. I would like to get some more tools and upgrade some of the tools I all ready have any learn some new skills. Hence the website and youtube channel etc. That I hope to make a bit of money to put towards my workshop, creations and towards the making of my content. If you like what I'm doing please subscribe, like, comment, tweet and let me know what you think good or bad. At the least just enjoy the content I'm making. I'm new to video editing so I hope you see some improvement in my future video creations. Thanks for reading to the end or did you just skim read to the end?
Regardless Thanks for reading.

John @ John Made it